Composer Wayne Senior
Title Peace In Our Time
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description Peace In Our Time

As performed by Bobby Shew.

Peace In Our Time was composed for the International Year of Peace, 1988 and scored for big band for the inaugural Perth Jazz Society Festival of Original Works (Western Australia) in 1990. Bobby played it during the 1992 Jazz Australia IAJE convention and liked it so much he took a copy back to the US to feature in his world wide concert performances.

The piece was written as a vehicle for advanced contemporary jazz stylist student soloists. With a small group of flugel, tenor sax and trombone and featuring tenor and trombone soloists, it has an interesting harmonic concept and extended interludes in Db lydian (a penchant of the composer). It has a contemporary latin-swing fusion rhythm and thereís some very exciting ensemble and sax soli sections offset by unison sectional counterpoint lines. Guaranteed to raise the roof, itís a great opener or closer.

You can hear the complete work on the demo CD available from this site.

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