Composer Darcy James Argue
Title Drift
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $80.00
Description Click to listen: Drfit

"Drift" was written in 2003 by Darcy James Argue. This is a very hip jazz waltz for jazz ensemble." Loping, triplety swing, q=98 "Drift" is dedicated to Bob Brookmeyer. It has a slow 3/4 feel and Brookmeyer-esque orchestration and harmonies, emphasizing low-register fluegels and woodwinds in a C minor melody punctuated with lots of space. It features tenor sax in a modulating solo section that builds feverishly but resolves itself to a cathartic C major -- however, the resolution is short-lived and the piece returns to its minor inclinations for the extended coda.

Reed 1: Flute, Alto Sax Reed 2: Clarinet, Alto Sax Reed 3: Clarinet, Tenor Sax Reed 4: Tenor Sax (solo) Reed 5: Bass Clarinet Trumpet/Fluegelhorn 1-5 Trombone 1-3 Bass Trombone Guitar Piano Bass Drums FULL SCORE Lead trumpet to E (written).

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