Composer Darcy James Argue
Title Chrysalis
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $80.00
Description Click to listen: Chrysalis

"Chrysalis" was written in 2001 and revised in 2004 by Darcy James Argue. A challenging chart with a variety of meters: 4/4; 3/4; 5/8; 5/4; 6/4. Sax section doublings required. Ballad, q=66 (straight 8ths) A lovely ballad featuring the breathy, ethereal sound of the alto flute, supported by cascading inner voices. As the piece gradually builds, the soloist undergoes a metamorphosis and finally emerges as a soprano sax singing out over the full band.

Reed 1: Alto Flute, Soprano Sax (solo) Reed 2: Soprano Sax, Flute Reed 3: Clarinet Reed 4: Tenor Sax Reed 5: Bass Clarinet Trumpet/Fluegelhorn 1-5 Trombone 1-3 Bass Trombone Guitar Piano Bass Drums Lead trumpet to D (written).

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