Composer Darcy James Argue
Title Flux in a Box
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $80.00
Description Click to listen: Flux in a Box

"Flux in a Box" was written in 2001 by Darcy James Argue. This is a well-written chart with some challenging contrapuntal lines. Up-tempo swing. Med.-up swing, q=240 Best Original Extended Extended Composition (2002 Down Beat Student Music Awards) This blisteringly intense and hard-swinging chart is heavily contrapuntal in the style of George Russellís "All About Rosie," anchored by an infectiously quirky bass line and anthemic shout choruses. There is generous solo space for alto sax and piano, supported by long background buildups from the band.

Reed 1: Soprano Sax Reed 2: Alto Sax (solo) Reed 3: Tenor Sax Reed 4: Tenor Sax Reed 5: Bari Sax Trumpet 1-5 Trombone 1-3 Bass Trombone Guitar Piano (solo) Bass Drums. Lead trumpet to F# (written).

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