Composer Carl Seale
Title Windtet (W.W. 5)
Genre Woodwind
Price $45.00
Description "Windtet" was written by Dr. Carl Seale in 2004 for Woodwind Quintet. The are three movements: Busyness, Adagio, High Five Waltz. Windtet (Quintet for Woodwinds) is a three-movement piece for standard woodwind quintet instrumentation of flute, oboe, b-flat clarinet, French horn and bassoon. Composed in 2004 by Carl Seale. I. Busyness is a short, lively and playful piece with a few surprise shifts in the tonal center. Technical passages are distributed equally among the various parts. II. Adagio is approximately 4 minutes in length. It utilizes long sustained pitches in some instruments over which moving elements are placed. Players are instructed to interrupt the long notes (that are much too long to sustain on one breath) for breathing at will. The flute and clarinet carry the bulk of the technical responsibility in this movement. Long note control of high notes is necessary for the successful performance of this movement. III. High Five Waltz is a waltz in quintuple meter. It features a staccato background over which a loop-legged, but lyrical melody is placed. Total performance is between 10 and 11 minutes.

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