Composer Douglas Hill
Title Oddities for Solo Horn
Genre Horn
Price $15.00
Description "Oddities for Solo Horn" by Douglas Hill was written in 2004. These pieces for Solo Horn are loosely based upon the odd numbers of each of the titles. (i.e., Mvt 1 is titled "Ones"; Mvt. 2 "Fives"; Mvt. 3 "Threes"; Mvt. 4 "Nines"; Mvt. 5 "Sevens/Elevens") They are all "for the fun of it", pure and simple, (though not necessarily easy). A jazz-like feel, in itís many guises, is always prominent throughout each of these songs and dances. The order of the pieces is up to the performer, as the composer considers each a separate piece. Have a good time, thatís the idea! Highly recommended. Also available as a PDF.

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