Composer David P. Jones
Title Tamis Song
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description TAMIíS SONG (6:50) (5-4-4-3, opt. vib and gtr, Al Sx 1=Sop Sx, Bari Sx=Bs Cl, Trpt 3 & 4=Flg) (ballad with some doubletime for solos) (Gr. IV-V) (solos: Vib (or Pf), Trb 1) ($40) Emerging from a low "D" drone (bs cl/bs/trbs), this gorgeous, dark-hued ballad contains many of my favorite big-band sounds: sinewy upper-register alto melodies; dark, velvety tone colors such as bs cl/trb/flug; rich sax chorales; and soaring lead trumpets topping a tutti ensemble. The harmonies are rooted in a lush Strayhornesque world but it is definitely a modern take on the tradition. After the first chorus comes a doubletime vibes (or piano) solo with sparse, boppish backgrounds. At the bridge, the ballad feel returns with high lead trombone playing a few bars of the melody before slipping into an ad-lib solo (doubletime in the final "A"). The chart is rounded off by a half chorus ("B" & "A") of melody. High notes are "D" for lead trumpet and "C" for lead trombone.

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