Composer David P. Jones
Title Crooked River Boogaloo
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description CROOKED RIVER BOOGALOO (5:15) (5-4-4-4, opt. vib) (med. funk) (Gr. II-IV) (solos: Al Sx 1, Ten Sx 1, Gtr) ($55) A perfect funk vehicle for younger bands, this one has precisely notated thythm parts to help create the motor that drives the rest of the band. Of course, more experienced players can add their own thing. A nimble, two-chord vamp is the heart and soul of this chart. Guitar has space to blow right up front. After a unison trpt-alto statement of the quirky them, it returns as a sax soli joined by brass. Without slackening the pace, a new bass line and chord progression is introduced to provide solo space for the lead alto. An altered reprise of the opening is followed by a tenor solo. A brief coda nods to Diz on the way out.

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