Composer Chris Gallaher
Title Sax or Better
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description "Sax or Better" by Chris Gallaher is Latin/Rock chart for intermediate/ advanced jazz ensembles. After a nice sax section rubato intro. , the band kicks into the Latin/rock. Challenging key signature of D major concert key. (E for trumpets) They have to learn it soon or later! 2 altos and 2 trumpets carry the theme over a clever bass line and trom. backgrounds. Open solo section for anyone to learn. Very easy Trumpet ranges. SAX OR BETTER ["to open"] is written in a contemporary style a la the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis book. This chart is not difficult and is playable by both high school and college jazz ensembles. The players in your jazz band are likely attuned to the harmonic structure found in this chart. Excellent writing at a medium level of difficulty.

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