Composer Chris Gallaher
Title Everyone Loves The Blues
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description "Everyone Loves The Blues" by Chris Gallaher is a moderate swing chart. Opens with a piano/rhythm section 12 bar solo...chords, scales and comping all written out. Of the myriad Blues charts out there, this a a sure fire winner. Trumpets state the melody with Trombones popping in on the 2nd time around. On the 3rd time the Saxes add their neat stuff. Letter C has wonderful big ensemble chords with an Alto Sax solo. Chords and scales written as a guide for an improvised solo. Trumpet soloist added at letter E with Blues scales provided. The out chorus at G has a surprise ending...Haydn eat your heart out. This is a must get for all jazz ensembles. Everyone will love this Blues!

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