Composer Geoffrey Keezer
Title Captain Jon
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Captain Jon" is the sixth movement of the Southeast Alaska Suite by Geoffrey Keezer. This tune features the drummer in a rollicking Latin style with plenty of open-ended solo time. In the words of the composer "Captain Jon (Jon Wikan), was our fearless Captain, who also happens to be an excellent drummer. This was the only movement of the Suite that was actually composed on the boat, at least the first eight bars of the melody. I had brought a small, portable keyboard on board with the noble intent of practicing - but for the most part there was too much to see, fish to catch, anchors to pull up... At one point on our journey the boat had engine trouble and Captain Jon crawled down in the engine roon, switched some fuel lines around, rewired some things, and got us back underway in no time, all the while reassuring us that it was "no big deal". I found out much later just how dangerous our situation actually was. We were only a mile from shore and, had we not been able to start our engine, the tide would have pulled us onto the rocks in a hourís time." No such dangers in this tune, just pure fun!

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