Composer Geoffrey Keezer
Title Safe Haven
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $50.00
Description "Safe Haven" is the seventh and last movement of the Southeast Alaska Suite by Geoffrey Keezer. This movement is scored in a chorale style with beautiful sounds all round. In the words of the composer "The journey ended in the port town of Sitka, after some rough weather and 15 foot rolling waves on the open ocean. I found out I donít get seasick (the girls werenít so lucky). When we arrived in our berth we saw the most beautiful rainbow, a perfect unbroken arch spanning half the sky. This short concluding movement is a reworking of the opening theme of movement one, with an unabashedly happy ending." Great music, great writing. This Suite is well worth the effort. All seven movements will take approx. 45 min. to perform. Highly recommended!

Available as a PDF.

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