Composer Wayne Senior
Title All the Things You Were
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "All the Things You Were" was written by Wayne Senior in 1991 for Jazz Ensemble and performed by Bobby Shew, International acclaimed Trumpet soloist.

This is a modification of an arrangement  I wrote of a well known standard (ATTYA) as an exercise for my arranging students while senior lecturer in arranging and composition for the Jazz Studies Course at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Edith Cowan University).

In this extensively reharmonised arrangement I tried to capture the feel and spirit of a small group through the use of linear writing and a less predictable big band approach to the ensemble phrasing. An ad lib solo chorus leads to the ’introduction’ at bar 35 which is based on an extension of the original be-bop intro.

Dominant 7(b5) and major 7(b5) are utilised throughout the score - in preference to the fully extended 9(#11) or 13(#11) - to maintain a ‘mean-and-lean strident’ sound reminiscent of  cool school arrangers such as Mulligan, Paitch et al. Solos in the original version feature piano and alto sax, but the score may be performed with a separate ‘guest’ soloist.

This arrangement was a finalist in the Perth Jazz Society Festival of Original Works (Western Australia) 1990 along with originals Peace In Our Time and Voyage of Discovery - both of which are also available through this site. You can hear all these works on the demo CD available from this site.

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