Composer Michael Irish
Title Latin Jazz Patterns
Level INT
Genre Jazz Combo
Price $15.00
Description "Latin Jazz Patterns" is written for Rhythm section and Percussion. This is a comprehensive booklet of stylistic patterns for Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drum Set as well as added Latin Percussion intruments. Included are: Bolero; Cha-Cha; Mambo; Afro-Cuban 6/8; Songo; Bossa Nova; Samba; Samba-Funk; Partido Alto; Reggae; Ska. This is a great book to get your rhythm section together on patterns that work together. Latin hand percussion instruments that are included are: Maracas; Shakers; Guiro; Claves; Cowbell; Cabasa; Agogo Bells; Shekere; Vibraslap; Congas; Timbales; Bongos. Also comping patterns for all these styles are outlined for Keyboard, Guitar. and Bass. No more guess work. This is the real stuff. Jazz Ensemble directors who need help in this area are now saved. Highly recommended! Also available as a PDF.

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