Composer Jerry Young
Title Clarkes Technical Studies
Genre Trombone
Price $29.50
Description "Clarkes Technical Studies" has been revised and edited for Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba by Jerry Young. The Technical Studies for the Cornet by Herbert L. Clarke have long been a staple in the foundational training for trumpet players. Until now, they have not been available to euphonium and tuba players in an edition designed especially for those instruments. Jerry Young?s edition, which he initially prepared as a tool for working with his students at the University of Wisconsin ? Eau Claire, takes Clarke?s original studies and etudes and notates them specifically for the tuba student so the player doesn?t have to read treble clef or bass clef down an octave, making them immediately accessible to tubists. Further, all the studies have been extended further into the upper register than in Clarke?s original edition, encouraging all low brass players, whether euphonium, trombone, or tuba players, to use these chromatically progressive studies as a tool to extend their practical range in a logical manner and to improve reading in the extreme upper register in bass clef. Young has also replaced Clarke?s original text with pedagogical comments that are more relevant to the 21st century low brass student and added a section on warm-up procedure. Suggestions for companion studies for the Clarke studies from the Arban Complete Methods for tuba and trombone/euphonium (published by Encore Music Publishing Company) are included with each study.

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