Composer Eli Grajkowski
Title Rocks In My Socks (Trom. & Tuba)
Level EASY
Genre Tuba
Price $5.00
Description "Rocks In My Socks" was written in 2003 by Eli Grajkowski. This work is scored as a duet for Trombone and Tuba. This introduces swing eighth notes to your beginning students. It is 49 measures long in the key of Eb. The range for Trombone extends from F above the bass clef to Bb (2nd line) in the bass clef. The range for the Tuba is C (2nd space bass clef) to a low F (4 ledger lines below the bass clef). Dynamics and articulations are included. There is a clever 10 bar straight eighths section towards the end. Well written and a lot of fun for your students.

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