Composer Carl Seale
Title Three Short Movements for Saxophone Quartet
Level INT
Genre Saxophone
Price $20.00
Description "Three Short Movements for Saxophone Quartet" was written by Carl Seale in 2006. It is scored for Alto I and Alto II, Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax. Alto I can be played by Soprano Sax...part included.

These three movements have a total playing time of just under six minutes. The movements contrast one another due to their individual character.

Mvt. 1 "Two Square" refers to how the material is scored. The motoric eighth note pulsation is carried out by one pair of players alternating with the other, passing the melodic fragments back and forth in rapid succession. Handing off the melodic material this way harkens back to the Hocket mode of writing in the 15th and 16th centuries. Each player changes partners several times during the movement, but the two plus two structure remains constant.

Mvt. 2 "Lyrical" is short, but has some interesting jazz-type harmonies. The tempo is slow and in complete contrast to Mvt. 1.

Mvt. 3 "Got Rhythm?" presents a rhythmic challenge with the meters changing in almost every bar. The basic rhythmic uniformity of the parts serves to insure a more solid performance than if the parts were rhythmically independent. This movement will really help students with multi-meter learning. Excellent work for up and coming Saxophone players.

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