Composer Chris Olson
Title Horizontal Shapes for Guitar
Level INT
Genre Guitar
Price $32.50
Description "Horizontal Shapes for Guitar" by Chris Olson is a 160 page book designed to help a guitarist learn the instrument.

Great guitarists distinguish themselves from the masses by using the entire instrument. This includes the ability to move north, south, east, and west on the fretboard with the greatest of ease. Many players are locked into one area on the neck, and are afraid, or simply unable, to slide around. The guitar is very patternistic, but the patterns that cross several strings, while very playable, can be very difficult to understand. Concepts of music theory and the ability to read music are consistently weak areas for guitar players. This is because the guitar is really 6 instruments in one. So why not learn each of the 6 instruments (strings) well before trying to connect them?

The horizontal approach to the guitar has been championed by many educators, yet has still not become a standard part of most guitarists’ study. This book does presume some prior musical knowledge, but examples are very thorough, as repetition and proper practice habits are emphasized. Players with a good base of scale and chord theory, but want to learn the fretboard better, will acquire much from this material. The text begins by exploring the horizontal approach and discovering ways to negotiate the neck when playing scales on single strings. It will then focus on visualization of intervals on the guitar, identifying them by their physical shape and moving them horizontally. Finally, multiple intervals will be explored simultaneously with three and four note chords. Traditional and modern harmony is covered, and many musical licks and ideas are presented, with enough material for the reader to create their own brilliant sounds.

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