Composer Ray Ames
Title Serial Spiller
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description “Serial Spiller” is a swing style piece written for young jazz ensemble. It was performed for the first time by the Lake Geneva Middle School seventh and eighth grade Jazz Band in February of 2008. It is built around a 2 chord minor progression, with a more complex introduction and bridge. Improvisation works using just a C Dorian scale. There is solid ensemble playing for all sections. It is a good piece to work on section balance between lead lines and inner parts. Rhythm section parts are very playable. There is a captivating bass groove that is very playable. I used it to transition the bass player to upright for the first time. When I was trying to come up with a title I was thinking of “Serial Killer” but thought that would be too harsh in view of recent events. As I was thinking this over my son walked into the room with a huge bowl of Capn’ Crunch. As usual he was leaving a trail behind him that the dog was happily lapping up. The spelling is different but the intent is the same. I think your young jazz ensemble will enjoy “Serial Spiller.”

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