Composer Dave Anderson
Title Four Short Pieces for Solo Double Bass
Level ADV
Genre Bass
Price $15.00
Description "Four Short Pieces for Double Bass" was written by Dave Anderson in 1995. No. 1 is the Prelude (Largo); No. 2 is Scherzando; No. 3 is Serenade (Andante cantabile); No. 4 is Capriccio (Adagio/Allegro Ritmico). The composer writes: "Writing for a solo unaccompanied bass was a whole new challenge and I often enjoyed improvising in any genre. My friend Sid King was interested and asked for a solo piece. This work is dedicated it to him and he premiered it. I worked to highlight lyric playing in the Prelude and Serenade, contrasting with rhythmic Bartok influence in the Scherzando as well as some funky grooves in the Capriccio." Go to facebook, then Dave Anderson, then Volkan Orhan for a wonderful performance of the first two movements.

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