Composer Ray Ames
Title A Trumpet Player In Love
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description "A Trumpet Player In Love" was written in 2005 by Ray Ames. This is a work for young jazz ensemble. The composer writes: "A Trumpet Player In Love (always writes the same song) Was written for young Jazz Band. It is a rock style ballad featuring legato melodies, and some nice counter melodies. It includes some dotted quarter rhythms, but young players should learn the rhythms easily. It can be handled by second year players having their first jazz experience. Rhythm section parts are easy. There is lots of unison playing within sections, but the sound will be full and satisfying. Trumpet ranges go to A, but this can be avoided by having everyone on third and fourth parts. This will drop the range an octave until your players can reach the higher notes. The title quotes Dominic Spera. When I asked him how he like a piece I wrote (in the 1970s) he laughed and said: A trumpet player in love always writes the same song. Thank you Dominic, for a usable title."

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