Composer Chris Simonson
Title Concerto for Young Band
Level EASY
Genre Concert Band
Price $60.00
Description "Concerto for Young Band" was written in 2004 by Chris Simonson. The composer writes"Ok, so it isnít a solo concerto - but the melody is in a loose theme and variation form and it is passed between the sections so that nearly everyone plays it during the work. The concerto begins in B flat concert in 4/4 time with various melodic statements from the band. The central section is for percussion only in 3/4 time. Then the work changes to a march feel in E flat concert. While the work calls for 5 or 6 percussionists, it can be performed successfully with fewer, provided the toys in the percussion section, (duck call, siren whistle, ratchet, etc.) are passed through the band to be played by assigned players within the ensemble. While it is a good instructional piece, it †was also a fun piece to rehearse and perform."

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