Composer Chris Simonson
Title 10 By 10
Genre Percussion
Price $35.00
Description "10 By 10" was written in 2007 by Chris Simonson. This is a work for a 10 player Percussion Ensemble. The composers writes"This piece was composed during a year where I had a rather large percussion section and nothing in my library to use for solo/ ensemble festival. Since the piece was written for ten parts, it seemed only logical to write the work in 10/8 time. (Ok, it made sense to me at the time.) The work begins by introducing the battery one instrument at a time. Following a 2/4 measure we move to melody in the mallets (A section), then melody in the battery (B section) and a return to our opening portion of the piece. The coda is a reworking of the introductory material. My students really enjoyed putting this together and many of the battery parts can be played by some wind folk in your band."

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