Composer Jonathan Katz
Title Haru No Ogawa (Spring Stream)
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Haru No Ogawa (Spring Stream) was arranged in 2008 by Jonathan Katz for Jazz Ensemble. The melody is a traditional Japanese chlldrenís folk song. Jonathan has changed the chords and extended the form. This version for Jazz ensemble is a rollicking calypso style with solos for Trpt 3, Trom. 3 and Alto 1. Fun music.

Haru no Ogawa means "Spring Stream." The riverside sounds could be a pre-recorded tape of a river flowing, maybe with some birds chirping. You could also try something live, for example, have band members do bird calls, use a rainstick, etc. These sounds should "bleed" over a bit into the opening drum set part starting from the second bar, and then fade out sometime before the melody comes in at A. The riverside sounds at the end (S) should be faded in gradually, and then faded out at the end of the final barís fermata. LYRICS OF HARU NO OGAWA Haru no ogawa wa/ sara-sara iku yo Kishi no sumire ya/ renge no hana ni Sugata yasashiku/ iro utsukushiku Sake yo sake yo to/ sasayakinagara Smoothly, smoothly goes the brook/ now that spring has come again. To the violets on the bank/ and the lotus blossoms too, "Let your form be kind and gentle/ and your colors beautiful: "Bloom ye, bloom!" says the brook/ in a whisper as it goes.

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