Composer Charles White
Title Rondo Op. IV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description Musical pieces donít always come out as I sometimes plan them. I started Rondo Op. 4 as a rondo for small group and band, planning that the lead alto and 1st. trumpet would take the ad-lib solos. What I finished with is an opportunity for a number of short drum solos (measures 3-4,7-8,19-20,23-24 etc,) bass solos (31-32,35-36,39-40,47-48, etc), and a possible piano solo from measures 89 to letter E. Yes, I did write something at these places, but if your kids are good---let them loose! Also, after listening to "Rondo" several times, I think that†I might take it a little faster than 144. Try it and let me know what you think. Enjoy, Chuck White

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