Composer Spike Maiden MŁller
Title Fanfare No. 1
Level INT
Genre Brass
Price $25.00
Description "Fanfare No. 1" was written in 2009 by Spike Maiden Mueller for the Brass Section of the St. Croix Valley Community Band of River Falls, WI. Scored for: Trpt. 1,2,3; Horn 1,2,3,4; Trom 1,2,; Bass Trom.; Euphonium, Tuba. The composer writes: " Somewhat reminiscent of Richard Straussís /Festmusik der Stadt Wien/, this is a challenging and rewarding fanfare for standard brass choir. Starting with a straightforward open fifth in the Horns, soon joined by the trumpets, the fanfare moves from a simple quintal statement to a more complex chromatic form, culminating in a grand C Major chord. The juxtaposition of duple and triple figures adds challenge and interest."

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