Composer Patrick Miles
Title Low Horn Etudes and Drills
Level INT
Genre Horn
Price $15.00
Description "Low Horn Etudes and Drills" has just been released by Dr. Patrick Miles of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The book is a unique and welcome addition to the literature/pedagogy. This area of Horn playing is probably the most neglected aspect in younger players. Learning bass clef as well as playing etudes designed for low horn are included in this book. Highly recommended!

The composer writes "In my thirty years of teaching horn at the collegiate level, I can confidently state that the most neglected aspect for the incoming freshman horn player is the low register. Most young players never see bass clef in any of their high school band music and few have encountered it in orchestral or chamber settings. Some may be able to read bass clef because they have played piano or another instrument doubling, but being able to read bass clef and having facility in the low range on the horn are separate issues.

There are few etude books that specifically address the low range and those that do tend to be too advanced for the intermediate player (Neuling and Hackleman among others.) I have discussed this issue with other horn teachers and it seems we all do variations of the same thing: have students play out of low brass books, transpose Kopprasch etudes down an octave or constantly devise drills for the low range. It is my hope that this etude book will serve as part of a disciplined approach to confronting the many problems horn players face when trying to become facile in bass clef. The drills included are similar to what many teachers use. The etudes are those of Concone and Endresen and have been transposed to various keys and transcribed in bass clef. All drills and etudes are in new notation, to be read as written. In addition to this etude book, I recommend purchasing Randy Gardnerís excellent "Mastering the Hornís Low Register". Also available as a PDF.

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