Composer Neil Slater
Title Another Other
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Another Other" was written in 2009 by Neil Slater. Dur: 7:56 A great chart by the one of the premier jazz ensemble directors. Many years at The University of North Texas with the One O’Clock Lab Band.

The composer writes: " Brief Description: Up tempo, straight ahead feel. Soloists, tenor saxophone, flugelhorn, and drums.

Performance Notes: My concept of Another Other is to encourage a performance focusing on the linear interpretation and development of the thematic material. The sixteen bar introduction forecasts fragments of the principle melody played by the piano and guitar. This makes the introduction very important. Tenor saxophone and flugelhorn play the principle melody in unison from bar 17 to bar 44. During this section the tenor saxophones and guitar echo the melody, while the trombones establish a harmonic pad. Beginning at bar thirty-two, there is a quiet build up until the trumpets enter forcefully at bar forty-five, continuing until bar sixty-one. Trombones require careful balancing from bar sixty-five through bar sixty-nine, and the guitar should blend with the lead trombone. Bar seventy-two is a very loud send off for the tenor saxophone solo. Backgrounds should be played linearly, without over powering the soloist. Bar 102-109 is also very powerful while the tenor and flugelhorn are playing an improvised duet, which should also be strong and busy, while setting up a flugelhorn solo. The tenor saxophone gradually fades away for the flugelhorn solo. Again, backgrounds are melodic and should not overpower the soloist. The drum solo from measure 131-138 begins very strong and gradually gets much softer as the melody enters at measure 139. The entire band continues to build from the entire ensemble to measure 154, which is another strong improvised duet from the soloists, accompanied by drums set. There is a contrapuntal return to the melody, and the entire band gradually continues to build to a huge climax at bar 171. This is the loudest area of the entire chart. The last four bars are immediately very quiet, in tempo to the fermata. Last note is cued and held.

Remember that it is important that all soloists should be encouraged, even required, to construct their solos from the melodic content of the composition, and eliminate cliché licks.

Thanks for playing my chart, Neil

P.S Another Other is recorded by the One O’ Clock Lab Band on Lab 2009."

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