Composer Carl Seale
Title Brassy Old One Hundreth
Level INT
Genre Sacred music
Price $30.00
Description Brassy Old One Hundredth for Organ and Brass Quintet (with optional timpani and chimes) -by Carl Seale This three and one half minute festival fanfare is scored for organ (the bigger the better) and brass quintet of two b-flat Trumpets, F-horn, Trombone and Tuba, with optional parts for Timpani and Chimes. The opening presentation of the Old One Hundredth hymn tune is scored so as to share the melody in two-note segments passing from tpt. 1 to tpt. 2 to horn to trombone. The same pattern is followed through all four phrases. This is hocket to you who made above a C in music history and also watched Laugh In on TV in the 1960s. Later in the body of the piece a similar cascading “pyramid” effect is twice incorporated into the texture. In order to take advantage of this (spatial effect if you from the south, otherwise special effect) the composer recommends that in performance the ensemble be set up standing side by side some five feet or more apart facing the audience straight on. Have fun!

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