Composer Ray Ames
Title Henhouse Blues
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description "Henhouse Blues" was written by Ray Ames in 2009. The humorous full title is "(I lost my gum in the) Henhouse Blues". Written for a young jazz ensemble that has some basic skills. Swing Blues style. The composer writes: "Henhouse Blues" is a medium tempo swing chart for young Jazz ensemble. It is a 12 bar blues in the key of Eb. There is a section that can be opened for solos. A blues scale will work. All chords are dominant sevens. I prefer to teach students that the major third on the I chord becomes the lowered 7th on the IV chord. This gets students playing something that really sounds like a Blues. I believe that you canít do the same thing over and over and somehow expect a different result. When I was growing up on the farm, I once lost my gum in the henhouse. I thought I found it four times! Thatís when I got the Henhouse Blues!

Also available as a PDF.

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