Composer Darcy James Argue
Title Redeye
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $80.00
Description Click to listen: Redeye

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"Redeye" was written in 2007 by Darcy James Argue.

Recorded on the album Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam Records) by Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society.

"Redeye" is an intimate, laid-back, folk and rock-influenced 7/4 ballad with beautiful contrapuntal melodies. The chart features an extended electric guitar solo and requires the use of a loop sampler pedal.

Wind 1: Flute, Wind 2: Soprano Sax + Flute, Wind 3: Soprano Sax + Tenor Sax + Clarinet, Wind 4: Clarinet, Wind 5: Clarinet + Bass Clarinet, Fluegelhorns 1-5 (3-5 doubling Trumpet), 3 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Electric Bass, Drums. Fluegelhorn 1 to written A (one ledger line).

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