Composer Douglas Hill
Title Extended Techniques for the Horn (Text w/CD)
Level ADV
Genre Horn
Price $32.50
Description "Extended Techniques for the Horn" (Text w/CD) by Douglas Hill is now available again. Really Good Music, LLC. is proud to re-issue this classic method book by Douglas Hill. CD included. "Extended Techniques for the Horn: A Practical Handbook for Students, Performers and Composers" is here, newly re-released after a short time out of print. This 96 page definitive text on the subject includes a 30 minute CD of demonstrations performed by the author. Hailed by composers (Gunther Schuller, John Harbison, Karel Husa, Vincent Persichetti) and performers (Barry Tuckwell, Thomas Bacon, Peter Kurau, Randy Gardner), this one-of-a-kind text/CD demonstrates fully that the horn is the most versatile of all orchestral instruments. Each topic is clearly presented with a brief explanation followed by a graph-like presentation of over 130 effects. Included in the graphs are the name, the most effective notation, the audible effect, the performance techniques required, and specific considerations for each inclusion. The CD demonstrates these extended techniques in an original musical context derived from the study of over 300 scores by major composers of the 20th Century. Also available as a PDF (Text) and mp3 (CD).

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