Composer Douglas Hill
Title Douglas Hills Melodies, Bk.1 (Charts with Chord Changes)
Level INT
Genre Horn
Price $10.00
Description "Douglas Hillís Melodies, Book 1" (Charts with Chord Changes) by Douglas Hill has just been released by Really Good Music, LLC. These tunes were selected and compiled in 2010 by Douglas Hill. This is a collection of melodies that are included in many of the compositions of Douglas Hill, written during the years 1993-2010. These 28 melodies are presented as "charts", lead sheets with chord changes to be enjoyed at the keyboard, with improvised accompaniments, in a combo setting, or just for the fun of it. Some of these tunes are jazz oriented, but not all, and most have served as the focus or impetus for larger, fully†realized compositions, many of which are also published by Really Good Music.

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