Composer Eric Schmitz
Title 17 Magenta Drive
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "17 Magenta Drive" was written in 2009 by Eric Schmitz. Commissioned by Bob Washut for the University of Northern Iowa Jazz Panthers in 2009.

This piece is inspired by Afro-Cuban rhythmic concepts and explores a number of ways of dividing “12.” It starts in 6/4, with a drum solo building from the opening soft dynamic and increasing in intensity and excitement to the next section, which is in 3/2. This section features a syncopated bass groove, funky melodic statements from unison trumpets and solo interjections from the piano. After a transition, the groove shifts into a 12/8 shuffle for piano and alto solos, with horn backgrounds. Another brief transition leads to an additive-texture 3/2 groove section, over which the drummer gets to solo. The opening melodic material from the 6/4 section returns, layered over the drum solo, building to a climax and the end of the piece.

The harmonic language is primarily modal and the chord changes are not especially difficult, with many modes lasting for two measures or more at a medium tempo. Brass ranges are moderate, with the lead trumpet playing up to a written C above the staff. If you’re looking for a “modern-sounding” chart with some rhythmic flavor, this one’s for you!

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