Composer Douglas Hill
Title French Horn Fundamentals
Genre Horn
Price $15.00
Description "French Horn Fundamentals" by Douglas Hill has just been released. This is a wonderful method book for Techniques Classes. Designed for the introduction of the French Horn to music majors. "French Horn Fundamentals, Performance/Practice Materials for Music Education Students" is a concise collection of exercises, etudes, solos, duets, and trios designed specifically for college level horn fundamentals classes. It introduces the primary facets of playing the horn to mature musicians (music education students and adult amateurs) who are familiar with musical fundamentals, but not familiar with all the specifics of horn playing. When combined with "French Horn Basics, Questions Answered: A Compact Guide for Teachers and Young Players", also published by Really Good Music, LLC., these two publications will successfully prepare teachers well for guiding their young horn students in the future. Also available as a PDF.

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