Composer Douglas Hill
Title Low Range for the Horn Player
Level INT
Genre Horn
Price $15.00
Description "Low Range for the Horn Player, with text and exercises by Douglas Hill, was written in the summer of 2010 as a continuation of his series of books "...for the Horn Player". It addresses the difficult issues confronting all horn players who find that, when finally expected to perform in the lower two octaves of the horn, they are much less facile, accurate, or powerful than in the top two. There are a number of collections of low range etudes available, but this is a much more thorough, detailed look at how to find ones low range, administer all that is required, create a full and beautiful sound, and finally enjoy the low rich qualities of the horn.It includes a detailed check list, and a quick-fix check list of concerns for use during practice sessions, twenty three different topic considerations, and important repertoire recommendations. This is a much needed, one-of-a-kind, concentrated text that is highly recommended for all serious horn players". Also available as a PDF.

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