Composer Shawn Purcell
Title Sequoia
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Sequoia" was written in 2008 by Shawn Purcell. This is a jazz waltz with an optional voice part. "Sequoia" is a waltz that employs the sounds of flutes, clarinets, bass clarinet, mutes in the brass and an optional “wordless” voice part that acts as a beautiful modern color when blended with the horns. This chart features Tenor 2, and also includes a chorus for the guitar, which includes beautiful backgrounds featuring doubles in the woodwinds. There is a shout chorus after the solos, but it’s not your traditional shout in any sense. This section has the woodwinds playing 5 part pads, with the bass trombone, bass, and the left hand of the piano playing a unison line. This provides a very unique sound that mixes up the traditional roles of these instruments! Also during the shout the main line trades with muted brass instruments that interject various themes from the original melody. The solo section changes provide a nice challenge for the soloists, and the solo sections could also be opened up to give others a chance to play. This chart with all of the various instrumental textures will add beauty to any big band set! The Lead Trumpet goes up to E6, and the Lead Trombone goes up to G4. To hear the complete chart go to

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