Composer Shawn Purcell
Title Minor Catastrophe
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Minor Catastrophe" was written in 2005 by Shawn Purcell. "Minor Catastrophe" is a medium-up tempo minor blues swinger that conjures the traditional full band sounds of Thad Jones as well as a shift to a heavy Latin feel in the middle section before the solos. Minor Catastrophe contains many twists and turns, and after the conclusion of a full band shout chorus following the solo section, the original melody never returns and is replaced by an entirely new theme, based on a repetitive rhythm section ostinato figure with horn lines that weave and build to an exciting climactic ending. Minor Catastrophe also contains a very nice 3 chorus sax solo featuring the soprano sax in the lead, with the guitar doubling the lead line one octave below. The Latin middle section employs flutes in the alto sax parts as well as clarinets in the tenor sax parts. Solos are written into the Tenor 1 and Guitar parts, but this minor blues could be opened up for anyone in the band! The Lead trumpet goes up to C6, and the Lead Trombone goes up to D5. To hear the complete chart go to

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