Composer Al Cobine
Title Four Pieces for Brass Trio (Trpt., Horn, Trom.)
Level INT
Genre Brass
Price $30.00
Description "Four Pieces for Brass Trio" was written in 1964 and revised in 1970 by Al Cobine. In itís original form it was titled "Four Pieces for Three Trombones". The work has been transposed for Brass Trio (Trpt., Horn, Trom.). The movements are: I.) Stroll; II.) March; III.) Waltz; IV.) Dance. These are four short, but lovely tunes by Al Cobine, the master of Brass writing. Perfect for recitals, festivals, etc. Ranges are easy and each player gets a chance to shine. Found by Dee Stewart in the Indiana University music library and directed to Really Good Music for publication. Never before published. Also available as a PDF.

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