Composer Aaron Hedenstrom
Title The Quest For Reason And Logic
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $100.00
Description "The Quest For Reason And Logic" was written in 2010 by Aaron Hedenstrom. The composer writes: " This piece is a very symphonic jazz work that serves as a flute solo feature. The Quest For Reason And Logic (recorded on the Aaron Hedenstrom Orchestraís debut album) is a dark, moody piece that travels towards a huge climax about halfway through the piece, when chaos breaks loose. The piece finishes with wild aleatoric moments that include wolf howls, crazy group improvisation, and freely played pitch collections before climaxing one final time and dying down to a final peaceful texture. This piece is for college or professional jazz ensembles. For full big band + flute. Features flute and lead trumpet". (length: approx. 7:45) Also available as a PDF.

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