Composer Aaron Hedenstrom
Title Soul Searching Suite
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $150.00
Description "Soul Searching Suite" was written in 2010 by Aaron Hendenstrom The composer writes: "This is a four-movement work written for full big band + flute. This work was recorded on the Aaron Hedenstrom Orchestraís debut album, "A Symphonic Jazz Hip-Hop Experience." Each movement is designed to feature a different musician. The first movement, "Stumbling Blocks," is an up-tempo modern groove that features a keyboard player on a fender rhodes or similar keyboard sound, along with the drummer. The second movement, "The Thorn In My Side," is a beautiful ballad that features the first tenor player. This goes into movement three, "Itís Only Eternity," which features guitar with effects pedals over a loud, brash orchestral texture. Finally, movement four (Soul Searching) is a hip-hop groove that features both alto players trading off and eventually duking it out on top of a latin percussion groove that can include any amount of aux. perc. players. This work can be performed as the full suite or as individual movements and is written for advanced college jazz ensembles or professional jazz ensembles. For full big band + flute + auxilliary percussion". (length (full suite): approx. 25 min.)

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