Composer Russell Scarbrough
Title Upswing
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description íUpswingí was commissioned by the Calvert Hall College High School Jazz Orchestra (Brian Ecton, director). This original tune is a contrafact on the harmonic progression of Duke Ellingtonís It Donít Mean A Thing If It Ainít Got That Swing. If the soloists (tenor, trumpet, vibes or guitar) are familiar with It Donít Mean A Thing, they should do well with this. Itís in the same key (G minor). This arrangement is characterized by roaring ensemble shouts and a sax soil that swings hard. Itís written in a Thad Jones-ish mold, so a band comfortable with his music will enjoy this (lead trumpet is written with solid high school players in mind, a few high Dís here and there, but nothing higher). Upswing ends with a big drum solo routine, making it an ideal closer. The full score with midi playback can be seen at:

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