Composer Doug Rasmussen
Title Mr. Natural Does the Dishes
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Mr. Natural Does the Dishes" is an original by Doug Rasussen. Swing chart 180 m.m. Trpt. 2 and Tenor 1 solos. Dedicated to the Joynt in Eau Claire, WI. The Joynt is a bar that is the un-official home of Eau Claire Jazz people. Great music there and great hangs. The composer writes: "This tune is named after the R. Crumb Comic and is dedicated to The Joynt on Water St. in Eau Claire Wi. The Joynt features many of these 60ís comics adorning the walls. I played there regularly in the late 70ís and early 80ís with the Water St. Big Band. This chart is my attempt to capture the angst of the 60ís and my own early adulthood. It features a post bop head and challenging solo changes." Also available as a PDF.

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