Composer Douglas Hill
Title Wendings and Weavings (Horn Duet)
Genre Horn
Price $25.00
Description "Wendings and Weavings" for Two Horns was composed in 2011 and consists of five movements, each of which weave together various manners and moods emphasizing a special compatibility and equality of the voices. The warm, flowing melodic character of the first movement is transformed into a mechanical rambunctiousness in the second. The conversational, and hauntingly serious songlike qualities of the third duet becomes material for the fourth, which waltzes gracefully when not interrupted by some nasty mocking. The final duet frolics through metric and tonal twists, wobbles and dips though unstable melodic attempts, and returns happily to the initial frolicking dance. This set of duets is meant to entertain and challenge advanced college and professional performers. Two books included. Special construction so that no page turns are necessary during movements. Also available as a PDF.

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