Composer Bob Hammer
Title Rockland Sketches
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $150.00
Description "Rockland Sketches" was written by Bob Hammeer in 2012. This suite for Jazz ensemble has four movements. 1.) Lower Hudson Valley; 2.) Spuyten Duyvil; 3.) Pymmís General; 4.) The Tymp. This suite is about 20 min. long. The music represent the composerís impressions of his years in Manhattan and Rockland Co., NY. The composer writes: " The First Movement reminds me of Dawn over Manhattan. The second is the old Dutch name for a turbulent stretch of water where the Harlem River meets the Hudson under the Henry Hudson bridge. The third movement (Pymmís General) refers to a quirky little country store in Rockland, where one was likely to run into the likes of John Cage or Burgess Meredith. Movement 4 (The Tymp) is an interesting geological formation near West Point resembling a huge tympanic , accessible only through steep ascents and scenically very dramatic."

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