Composer Clarence Hines
Title Boogaloo
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Boogaloo" was written in 2012 by Clarence Hines. Dr. Hines of the University of Northern Florida is an accomplished Trombone artist as well as a distinguished composer. This chart is scored for the standard 17 piece jazz ensemble. Lead trumpet needs a high Eb. "Boogaloo" was written for the 25th Anniversary of the Great American Jazz Series at the University of North Florida. Harmonies are purposely understated to provide easy soloing opportunities while allowing the chart to groove. This arrangement features tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano, and a moderately-difficult ensemble soli. Brass ranges are F6 for trumpet and Bb5 for trombone. Rhythm section parts are mostly written out except for the solo sections.

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