Composer Eric Schmitz
Title Coisa de Lago
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Coisa de Lago" was written by Dr. Eric Schmitz for the Oswego State Jazz Ensemble. Samba style Inspired by Brazilian composer Moacir Santos’s Coisas, “Coisa de Lago” (which translates as “Lake Thing”) is a medium-easy tempo samba. It begins with a conversation between bari sax and drums/percussion which eases into a tuneful unison melody by bari and tenor. The same melody is then harmonized for sax section and flugelhorn. A pensive rhythmic ensemble section builds to a climax, bridging into a tenor solo over the changes to the melody. The rhythmic ensemble section returns, this time building into a street samba-style section for drums and percussion. The D.S. recaps the original melody, leading into a short coda. Brass ranges are modest, with lead trumpet up to a C above the staff. The drums/percussion parts are adaptable for one or more players and sound great with traditional Brazilian percussion instruments like pandeiro, agogo bells, surdo, etc.

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