Composer Doug Rasmussen
Title Inventio 14
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Inventio 14" by J.S. Bach has been arranged for Jazz Ensemble by Doug Rasmussen. Written for the Eagan (MN) HS Jazz Ensemble directed by Conrad Miska. This was premiered at the Minnesota Music Educators Convention in Feb. 2013. Very well received. Clever arrangement. Highly recommended. "Inventio 14" is based on Two Part Invention 14 by J.S. Bach. It features clarinet and electric guitar, in many places as a duet. It starts out with the whole band playing in a baroque style and then slides into a hip funk groove. As the tune unfolds it continues to switch between both styles. It offers a great opportunity to feature your star clarinet player in something different. Also available as a PDF.

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