Composer Michael Irish
Title Nukin At Jukes
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Nukiní at Jukeís" was written in 2012 by Mike Irish. This is a Blues with a bridge. Lots of solos spots. Students learn to play the Blues with changes other than the blues scale. "NUKINí AT JUKEíS" is a swing blues with a bridge. It was written so that students could explore playing "the blues" with melodic materials other than the blues scale; in other words, learn to play the chord changes. The solo section at letters "D" through "F" have the chords written in Alto 1, Tenor 2, Trumpet 2, Trombone 1, Piano, and Guitar. So, you have lotís of choices for soloists. Letter "H" is a soli section for saxes with guitar sharing the melody. And finally, letter "I" is a riff shout-chorus that leads to a final statement of the melody and a big ending. NUKINí AT JUKEíS is one of those "something-for-everybody" charts at a Grade Level 4. Enjoy!

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