Composer Don Schamber
Title Asilomar
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Asilomar" was written in 1977 by Don Schamber. This is another of Donís undiscovered gems. RGM is pleased to release it. After an interesting intro the tune becomes a Latin/Rock chart featuring Tenor Sax/Sop. Sax/Guitar. It evolves into a Samba, then back to Latin/Rock with an open spot for Trpt. solo. A free section w/Flute or Sop. Sax solo which is shared with Drum 4ís. Back to Samba feel. Everyone gets a chance to shine here. The usual Schamber scoring: 5 saxes, 5 Trpts, 5 Troms., 4 Rhythm and added Perc. Also available as a PDF.

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